Grycja is Ukrainian artist currently based in Berlin. She is working mostly with collage, painting, videopoetry and furniture-like art objects. One of Grycja’s topics of research is based on the position of women, their emotions, how they feel in everyday life, routine, how they using or not their rights in a society, their views on religion, as well as views on home life. Another topic of research is based on the theme of “feeling strange”. Shyness, uncertainty, stress, jealousy, anger, and helplessness are the so called “bad” emotions. The research looks at their influence on communication with the external. Grycja is working in a surrealistic style to create alternative realities, and to bring hypothetical “what if” situations, emotions, and personalities into this world. In the language of collage she often gives the people in old photos new missions, characters, and position in the dialogue. As the figurative artist, she is exploring how form works for a composition depending on light and color, and at the same time she is trying to show new, unreal and abstract sense using figurative art.

I’m going to explore 2 things: flora and fauna of the lake and the island, and vintage photography of the island and people living on it. I’m going to create big cardboard forms of water plants and fish that could be found in the Toronto lake and around the island. I’m going to paint the forms in different colors and then collage fish and plants with enlarged and printed vintage photography. The objects are going to hang from the ceiling all together (or from the trees, depends on location and the space) and then I’m going to project the video of waves on them. (object should be created from used paper and cardboards found around restaurants and apartments on the island)


Grycja was born in Lviv, Ukraine in 1986. She started her art carrier at the age of 15. She’s got a Palm Art Award for digital art in 2017, her artbook “Gvara” was named “book of the year” in Lviv in 2012. She have had more than 30 group and solo exhibitions all over the world.

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