Exhibition 2019

  Once Upon Water’s closing exhibition and open studios took place on September 28 at Artscape Gibraltar Point.


Emma Burry’s installation and crochet that navigates the mooring lines between water, body, and longing.

Emily Marie Charles explored the surface of the water as a site of transformation through a world-building project.

Gina Cunningham investigated the sacred waters tradition.

Najia Fatima addressed South Asia’s water conflict and its subsequent militarization, through performance art.

Nathalie Gautier explored various faces of water related to life, the body and human being.

Justin Langille researched and visualized the “water world” around Toronto Island.

Grycja created a multimedia installation of the island and its inhabitants.

Elizabeth Milton explored the carnivalesque spectacle of sites of leisure through a maximalist staging of found objects.

Meaghan Ogilvie dove into the surrounding waters to explore a closer connection to the transformative landscapes.

Mau Schoettle worked on creation of a speculative public engagement project for Nuit Blanche 2019.

Leonardo AVO reflected on water’s intricate memory through photographic studies.

Nora Wang created a large-scale abstract drawing on leather in exploration of water in traditional Asian culture and identity.

Janet Wang created inks foraged from the island and drawings of the economies of the shoreline.

Toby Zallman worked on the drawing element of an installation that includes a water bottle sculpture.

Meaghan Ogilvie, Najia Fatima and Mau Schoettle collaborated on photo based works at the water’s surface.

Leo AVO and Justin Langille collaborated on various photo installations around Toronto Island.

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