Exhibition 2018

Once Upon Water’s closing exhibition and open studios took place on September 29 at Artscape Gibraltar Point, the day of Nuit Blanche.

Bernhard Cociancig allows rain and waves to alter dry pigment paintings


Seana Kozar shares an original story of fantastical, ancient beings and the sea-change

Ali Deane creates a multi-media installation preserving and transforming the oceanic debris of Toronto Island

Stéphanie Cloutier explores absurd gestures and futile acts through performance, video and object-making

Jasmine Gui and Abby Ho explore water as historical archive and anti-archive through papermaking

Lisa Hemeon paints the ebb & flow of internal connections and energies

Rihab Essayh creates a video installation about water becoming an escape or a deathbed of a woman

Natalie Deryn Johnson explores the body of water within to unveil narratives of consciousness, inheritance and femininity

Chantal Khoury produces liquid paintings of internal waterscapes

Kelly O’Neill explores relationships between the human body and water

Roosje Verschoor researches how water reconfigures people and landscapes

Sandra Vida develops a performance reflecting water’s implications of cleansing and renewal

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