Azores Fringe Festival

An invitation from MiratecArts to submit to the Azores Fringe Festival, June 2017:

Residency artists can take advantage and be a part of the international arts festival, Azores Fringe. Submit a proposal to participate in the Azores Fringe Festival, 2017!

850+ artists, from 38 countries, participated in the four editions of the Azores Fringe, the international arts festival in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Headquartered in the village of Madalena, Pico island, the highest mountain in Mid-Atlantic Ridge, local artists from all 9 islands are joined by international artists to showcase and exhibit their works, develop and create sinergies while enjoying life in paradise – where all seasons weather can happen in one day. From book launches, lectures on artistic culture, exhibitions of various art forms to window dressings, mural paintings on the street, workshops and performances, dance, theater, music, films, DJs, events for children and families and even an open stage where the audience becomes the performer and does what it wants for up to 5 minutes; a theatrical fashion-show in the square, presentations in the world heritage landscape of the vineyards, animated tour of the whaling village, photographic expedition to the center of the island and performances in caves, yates and vulcano craters, have been just some of the hot spots of the presentations.

Artists submit proposals of what they wish to accomplish or present during the festival. MiratecArts organization creates the program of events depending on the proposals. Azores Fringe Festival is an artistic explosion from the Azores to the world – participate in your own way! PROPOSE PARTICIPATION… Let’s support each other the way we can, with what we have! We strongly encourage artists that are travelling to stop by the Azores in the month of June to participate in the festival. The festival does not support costs but adds your work to the professionally designed program and helps with some materials, venues, and more. Proposals are due by January 1st. Let´s talk. Let´s make it happen!

Terry Costa

Artistic Director, Azores Fringe Festival

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