Nathalie Gautier

Silk painting, watercolors, acrylics, stain glass, photography and all the different ways of artistic expression I have experimented have stimulated my passion and sustained my creative urge. Today I make a mix with all these techniques. I love painting more and more on large formats. I like superimposing layers of paints and then scratch to see what is underneath. I also like to play with transparencies. I guess this is totally in relation with my personality because I love to know who people really are, not only the appearance and the superficial part. I let myself be surprised by what appears and follow the flow gradually. The result is a figurative style. My work can be seen very differently and I love to hear all of these points of views. My work is very organic, people sees veins, arterial system, glial and any body cells, neurons, dendrites… same forms we can find in the nature like meanders, roots, ginger, branches, aquatic plants, rhizomes…
Nature is my main source of inspiration. I like to blend in with nature and the natural elements, to be in total symbiosis. I like to pass respect and love for nature and I like people to understand that this is our main source of balance and harmony.
We are nature. We are water. And as far as I’m concerned, I feel that water is my element. I feel so good in the water. I love particularly places and landscape with a fountain, a source, a stream, a lake, a river, a waterfall, the sea,,, Without water there is no life. It is simple and obvious but most of the time we are not enough aware of that and it is always positive to remember it. Besides the value, I’m also very impressed by all the faces the water can take, can be. So many different temperatures, forms, textures, colors, sounds, tastes… I want to take some time to dive, to immerse myself exploring all those faces. I want to live this residency as a meditation. As the element and the moment will surprise me, I’m sure I will get inspired by many details and mostly by the fact that the place is surrounded by water. I brought with me some pictures that I could integrate.
Nathalie Gautier was born in Ivory Cost and grew up in the French Alps. I have lived throughout Europe and America. At the moment I reside in Barcelona. All the places, cultures and contrasts I lived in have nourished my production. I’m a soul, nature and globe explorer. I discovered my passion for painting on silk when I was twenty years old. Then I explored lots of different techniques. During my art therapy studies (Primera Escuela Argentina in Buenos Aires; Art therapy Postgrade Course in Girona University), I did a work where I heard about the Rhizome theory from Gilles Deleuze, a French philosopher. The discovery of this form and this theory has been crucial and essential in my artistic process. 

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