Valérie Delahaye

Being in the Azores I can work with direct in depth access to my atlantis based metaphorical world. Create new fascinating material and use it immediately in an inspired environment. I would love to create a new multimedia project with a crossing between how we interpret utopia, a place of happiness with a never boring intriguing, yet well known, adventurous tension field, and chaos. The chaos, is the anomaly, what is interfering in the persuing of our own happiness. Our own personal Atlantis.

As observingatlantis I’m visualising a world between consciousness and dream, a place becomes an emotional space, our space, a space. Observing in our everyday life the archetypes in our collective memory, I use the undefined time and space of marina’s of air and water as reoccurent metaphors. This is for me the most appropriate way to visualize the Atlantis of our psyche, our society, our way of life. Use of own drawings, paintings, woodblock prints, photography, video’s.


Valérie Delahaye studied Sinology at the University of Ghent in 1999. From 2007-2011 she studied Advertising at the Art Academy of Leuven (SLAC). Then she added a year of study of Graphical Techniques (Ph., Ill.,Id.) at VDAB.  Delahayegraphics has since 2008 been her own freelance company. She added three specialisation years 2013-2017 at SLAC in interdisciplinary arts. With special attention to animation (Photoshop & iMovie), based on own drawings, paintings, video and Moku Hanga (Japanese woodcutting). She’s currently working on animations for the pilOt1 project (collaboration between Ph.D students from the University of Leuven and multimedia artists), which development you can follow on, chapter CHAOS.

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