Pankaj Brijlani

Creating a photograph for me is like telling a story, allowing the reality to follow the hint of imagination from one photograph to next. Nature and animal photography is like gaiety with gravity for me. Be it combining the subtle variations of the water and waves for a provocative understatement. Or even exploring the harmony between the underwater world for a nuanced silhouette. It’s like a contagious force for me. I’ve never been to Pico Island, but thanks to internet and technology, I have seen many pictures, read galore of articles and each of them suggest that Pico Island to be mother nature’s one of the favorite child. I have recently started traveling and exploring new places and Pico Island is on my list. With this project, I intend to explore many untold stories and many inspirational forces to intensify my imagination.

I grew up in Delhi, one of the busiest cities in the world. During my summer vacations, sometimes my parents would take me to hill stations, national parks or somewhere far from the hustle bustle of the city. The walks in the hills, strolls in the woods, bird watching, trying to catch a glimpse of turtles in a pond and above all building tales in my mind… those memories are still fresh. Through my photography, I try to create tiny tales with a hope to evoke a certain mood or simply leave a smile on the viewers face. I believe it is not the subject in the picture but the frame tells the tale. With my photography, I hope to inspire viewers to experience the wilderness I am able to capture. A photographer’s life is a journey with many tales and many chapters. Before defining one’s niche, it is important to explore different areas of photography. It is a long journey, filled with many lessons and with every photograph there is a new lesson. I believe I am still at the beginning of my journey. I’m lucky to have been traveling for past few years. The travels have contributed a lot to my portfolio and have given me a perspective. My work includes landscape photography, nature photography, animals photography and people portraits. I have participated in many shows and exhibitions and my nature and animal photography has earned a lot of appreciation and made it to the walls of many offices and homes. It encourages me to explore more and more to capture the tales and create photographs of magical notions of nature and animals.


I was born and raised in Delhi, India. I moved to Canada in 2008 to take my video editor/design career to next level as a visual effects artist for films. During the journey, I discovered my love for photography. Since then my work has been showcased at galleries and photography shows in Canada. In 2009, I received a diploma from Seneca college at York university in Visual effects for films and television. Now, I divide my time working between feature films and photography. For more on my work please visit:

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