Liza Philosof

Inspired by Watsu, a form of aquatic bodywork in water (invented the Watsu by Harold Dull), I will create a live performance. I would love to be helped by dancers and hone the connection between water and bodies. I would be very happy to collaborate with artists around me, and give them the possibility to experience this water therapy. This project may also involve video or photography, whereby I would document myself (or thers if applicable) in the water during this process. I know that the water will teach me new things, so part of its outcome I don’t know its full manifestation.

Last year, I had a transformative experience with Watsu, which took place at Harbin Hot Springs, Northern California. I began to learn this technique in Israel and continued practicing when I came to California. The process begins in a pool with a partner who floats and breathes while in the other’s arms. While my partner floats, I quickly feel she is in control and aware. A total improvisation occurs moment by moment – a pure presence and powerful sense of becoming one in the water. After few minutes, I lift my partner’s head and ask if they want to release. Watsu has been the first time I have freed myself fully to simply create in water. I recently had a breakthrough in that I realize I can connect my creativity, my art, and my design to the water.


Liza Philosof, born in 1986 in Israel, is a visual artist, graphic designer, and art director. She currently lives and work in Los Angeles, California. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem in 2011, Philosof has worked in various fields of graphic design and at the same time participated in multiple exhibitions, projects, and collaborations involving companies such as Adidas’s, Absolut, Heineken, Insight and more
. Today she continues her professional career in Los Angeles, California, and is associated with the New York company, Happy Days of Art, a top creative design firm specializing in contemporary graphic design, fine art, media design, and digital branding.




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