Felice Simon

My intention for the residency is to make advances on what I’ve been calling my “See/
Through” project. This work is about the invisible versus the visible. It is about the
enigma of surface versus depth, of the seen versus the unseen. The theme that connects
these photos is the concept of shooting “through” water – from below and from above — to evoke mystery and a sense of wonder.

I am an artist/photographer living in New York City and for the past few years, I have been working in-and-around the water element through several photographic series. My 2015 “Immersion” series is about passionate engagement with water. The youths in these images are absorbed in their experience; their faces and bodies exhibiting joyful abandon as they interact with water. I aim to capture these transparent, timeless human emotions in my pictures.


Felice Simon brings a spirit of moxie to her photography from her years in improvisational theater. She has studied at the International Center for Photography, Pratt Institute, and Maine Media Workshops. Her photographs have appeared in juried exhibitions at the Davis Orton Gallery in Hudson, NY and at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Ft. Collins, CO.  In February 2016, her “Immersion” series was exhibited at Pratt Institute Gallery in NYC.  She recently received the top prize for her entry in the Theo Westenberger Estate “Belonging & Not Belonging” 2016 Photo Contest and has been honored as one of the top ten entries in the “Water Connects” international photo competition for the 2016 Budapest World Water Summit (in association with the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center & the Manó Mai House.)

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